Trauma-Informed Care Course

Meets the Mega Rule Phase 3 for Ftag 699, 483.25 (m) Trauma-Informed Care

This is not your ordinary Trauma-Informed Care Course.

It is a course is specifically designed all for nursing home staff. It meets the Mega Rule Phase 3 for Ftag 699, 483.25 (m) Trauma-Informed Care, effective November 28, 2019.


Screening, Assessment and Interventions are focused on nursing home residents, and most importantly,
the approaches are designed with sensitivity for the elderly population we serve.

In addition to the online course, handouts are provided as reference for ongoing use. Topics include:

  • Screening and Assessing
  • Triggers
  • Interventions
  • Care Planning
  • Helpful Things to Say 
We are using the online course since some of the staff are doing it on their own at home. It is very user friendly and i have not had any complaints about difficulty logging in or taking the course.

Director of Staff Development

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Train your entire facility staff (up to 100 students) for as low as $7 per participant!


How It Works

 You will purchase the course through PayPal. We will use the email address associated with your PayPal transaction to send you registration information. You will register your facility on our website and setup a username and password. This username and password will be used for all staff in your facility. A staff member will come to our website and login. After logging in they will be taken to the Trauma Informed course. After completing the course and passing the assessment, the site will record the completion and allow the staff member to print a completion certificate. 

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